Leandro’s progress

On behalf of Leandro’s family and friends, we would like to thank everyone for their support, prayers, well wishes and donations during this difficult time. We are very grateful to the staff at Royal North Shore Hospital for their warmth and genuine care and to the Bondi Rescue lifeguards and crew for all their help.

Leandro is now able to breathe on his own (without the support of machines). As yet, he has no movement in his arms or legs, however he does have the occasional sensation in his limbs and we remain positive and hopeful. Plans are presently being made for Leandro to return home to Brazil with his family via care-flight.

Leandro is an exceptionally strong and special human being and his positive attitude and calm spirit are a constant inspiration to us all. Please continue to send him your prayers and healing energy.

With love, light and sincere gratitude.

108 Responses to Leandro’s progress

  • Chris Skeet says:

    So moved by the episode tonigh, we had a similar, though not as bad, injury in our family. My thoughts and prayers are with Barata (Leo) and his family and friends. Stay strong, lots of Aussies sending you our warmest wishes xoxo

  • Louise Rezel says:

    I send my love and wishes to you Leandro. Stay strong and be hopeful. I hear you have a great fighting spirit and a strong belief. This is a gift. Remind yourself there is nothing you can’t do or overcome. I’m sorry that Australia is the place where this had to happen. This country is an amazing place. Please know that you are now in our hearts and we will be praying and hoping. I wish you all the best !!!!

  • Pru Burns says:

    Good luck with your recovery Leandro! Sending positive vibes from Melbourne as you return home to your family.

  • Steph says:

    I wish to show my faith and hope for this amazing man for if you believe in something and u have patience you will achieve sucess I was very moved by the episode tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with Barata (Leo) and of course his family. Remember in your hearts that even in the saddest of times things will be ok if you believe. Stay Strong and Continue with you amazing recovry im sure lots of fellow aussies are thinking of you and praying for you from the bottom of their hearts. It doesnt matter who u are a strong man like yourself or a 12 year old girl like myself with faith and hope you can achieve

    Love steph xoxox

    • Dear Steph. Thank you so much for your message. You seem like a wonderfully strong and wise young lady and we are very grateful to you for sharing your positive energy with Leandro. Best wishes to you.

  • Rex says:

    I don’t watch much television but I turned on the TV tonight and saw what happened to Barata.
    I just want him to know that I won’t stop praying for him to stay strong, and calm, and for his full recovery.
    And if I somehow find myself with a huge supply of money well then I’d definitely donate to Barata’s cause.
    Wishing you and Barata all the best! You will be in my prayers,

    Love, light and hope!


  • Janine says:

    I just watched the episode on Bondi about Leandro. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to him, while I was watching I was hoping that he would be ok until we were told he wasn’t.
    My sister becme a quadraplegic 16 years ago and even now I remember those first months of recovery. It is a hard road that’s no lie but as long as Leandro has encouragement and a good support network hopefully his recovery can progress positvely.
    I would really like to donate some money to Leandro however it is not finacially viable for me to do so, I just wanted to offer my condolences and hopefully there will be a lot of other people that can help in the way that I am unable.
    Kindest regards xx

  • Christine says:

    Dear Leandro and Friends

    I just watched your story on Bondi Rescue and am humbled and hopeful for your miracle. You and your beautiful friends have already taught us a lesson in livining, with the statement that the gift we take for granted by one of your friends truly a wake up call to enjoy the blessings in life we take for grated. You, Leandro, will be in my family’s prayers and I wish you strength, courage and peace upon this journey now before you. God bless, Christine

  • tully says:

    good luck leandro, words cant describe how sad i feel and how moved i am. Be strong i know you will be good luck with your recovery hope all goes well your in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! allways will be.

  • Jo D'Agostino says:

    Hey Leo,

    I can’t say enough how sorry we are about the accident. My family and I wish you the best on your recovery.

    All our love
    Jo, Az and Kia

  • Megan Brown says:

    I have just finished watching the episode of Bondi Rescue that viewed Leo’s accident. My family and i were extremely upset to know that the tragic injuries he has suffered may be permanent and that the road to any recovery will be extremely hard going for Leo his family and his friends. I sincerely hope that dispite his uncontrollable change in life circumstance he is maintaining some spirit and that his family will be with him soon to aid his recovery and support him physically emotionally and mentally. The bonds of love will be his future strength. Unfortunately disability dosnt discriminate – sometimes it just alters our perspective on the human condition and reminds us that we are so much more than the perfection of our human body. Stay strong Leo (Barata) – we will be thinking of you throughout your journey ahead. Love from the Brown Family in Belgrave Victoria Australia. – Is there a way to keep in touch and continue to offer encouragement or be an emotional support to Leo and his friends and family via blog or email? Please advise because i would like to help in any way i can over the coming months and years.

    • Hi Megan. Thank you for your warm sentiments and beautiful words of wisdom. At present this web site is the best way to stay updated and send messages to Leandro. You can also contact me at info@rhythmbrazil.com and I will keep you posted and let you know if a blog is created etc. Thank you once again for your support. Best wishes, Sashya

  • Haylee Alder says:

    I was so shocked and saddened by watching your story on the episode of Bondi Rescue tonight.

    From reading what your beloved friends and family have written about you, I have no doubt that your positive spirits, strength and determination will fiercely continue everyday of your recovery.

    Believe in miracles, they definitely DO happen.

    Us Aussies are praying for you and sending you our warmest wishes xx

  • lauren says:

    I would like to offer my deepest sympathies for Leandro’s accident. I couldn’t draw my eyes away from the screen, something in his eyes, the depth of his soul, it spoke to me, I could feel his inherent goodness. Please know that my prayers are with you all, and while I am only one person any love and hope sent out into the universe has a way of finding its way to those who need it most. I hope my donation , modest as it is, helps Leandro on his road to recovery and to get him home to Brazil to be among loved ones.


  • Lynsey Curtis says:

    After watching tonight’s episode of Bondi I was upset to see the tragic accident that has happened to such a wonderful person.

    May the strength of your soul and the support of your beautiful friends, Leo, help you in the days, weeks and years to come.
    All my love and prayers,

    Lynsey, South Australia x

  • Gabriela Niski Zveibil says:


    you are a beautiful soul. i believe in your full recovery and will have u in my daily prayers. I hope u r already in Brazil between you friends and family getting all the support u need. i hope all these donations help u in your recovery.

  • Louise says:

    Leo (Barata), our positive energies are flowing to you to stay strong, you have a mighty spirit and this will be your guide home.

    Love and light xxx

  • Sandi Small says:

    Dear Leo,
    I am so upset by your tragic accident – stay strong and positive and I am praying you make a full recovery

    Take care
    S xx

  • Tash says:

    I feel so sorry for you & ur family!
    Plz know everyone is feeling very sorry for u
    get well soon

  • Ruby says:

    dear Leandro I’m really sorry to hear what happened I was surprised when I heard it. I’m also sorry that you had to miss your dancing I bet it was real special to you I feel really bad that you can’t move your arms and legs but I also hope that you recover from it. I hope you get well.


  • Andrew says:

    Best wishes to you i believe your on the right track for recovery and i hope my modest donation can help. As a surfer I always fear the same type of injury and I send my most positive thoughts. Leandro, you radiate strength and i am confident you can handel this!The world needs you no doubt about that.

  • Kathryn says:

    i hope you recover well leo, love and prayers from queensland xx

  • Xplicid says:

    I wish Leandro a speedy recovery. He seems so down to earth. He’ll make it out of this. Keep it real man. You’ll be fine. Just don’t give up buddy :)

  • Sally says:

    Somewhere in this there is a blessing. It may take a while for it to be revealed, but it will. Thinking about you brother. X

  • DanielValentine says:

    My girlfriend and I just turned to channel 10 after eating dinner and was moved by this episode.! I hope you get better brother and we will be praying for you and your family. Stay strong and God Bless friend, God is great and nothing is impossible

  • Inger says:

    Believe and you create your reality-We believe you can do what you wish for. Prayers from our family. XXX

  • Lynda says:

    Dearest Barata

    Words can’t describe the sadness and shock felt when the gravity of your condition was announced tonight. I wish you and your family and friends all the emotional and mental strength you will need for the hard road ahead.

    If there is one solace from this experience it is that I, along with many others I am sure, will endevour to make the most of every moment we have with a healthy body and to not take this for granted.

    Much love

    Lynda x

  • Clarisse says:

    Oi Barata,
    Assisti hoje o episodio do Bondi Rescue e estou mandando muito forca para voce e para sua familia.
    A Australia e um pais abencoado e tenho certeza que voce vai ter muita ajuda material e espiritual, como voce ja deve estar vendo com esses depoimentos.
    Tudo podemos Naquele que nos fortalece. Acredite Nele e fique com Deus!
    Estamos rezando aqui em Adelaide.
    Um abraco brasileiro,

  • Lina says:

    Leo and family -

    Miracles definitely happen. My love, support, thoughts and prayers are with you all. Watching Bondi Rescue was a BIG eye opener for me tonight. Be strong and positive… you inspire us all!!!

    Lina, QLD xo

  • Jenny says:

    Dear Barata,

    I was deeply moved whilst hearing your devestating news on the Bondi Rescue programme tonight.
    For it to happen to such an energetic young man, where dancing is your life is truly tragic.

    But you must focus on the positives, it seems you have a fantastic bunch of family and friends, who are dedicated to helping you to make a full recovery.

    Push out the negative thoughts and breathe in the positives. So many people worldwide are thinking of you & praying for your recovery. Use that energy to build your confidence duing your healing process.

    Good luck Leandro, I’ll be sending you some positive energy your way.

  • name says:

    never Never NEVER give up. YOU CAN DO IT LEANDRO! we pray for you.

  • RKM says:

    I can only make a small donation, but I hope that everyone donates what they can, however small and insignificant it may appear……if a million people donated only $1.00, that is a million dollars! It all counts guys!

    I will be praying for your full recovery.


  • Mark says:

    Leo I’m praying for you to heal quickly and properly. Have faith and hope, and trust in God to look after you. Miracles do happen, and you and your family deserve one.
    Love to you, brother.

  • Shayne says:

    Hi Leandro,

    My thoughts are with you brother and hope you can make a full recovery. Keep positive.
    I broke my neck on the 1st of November 2010 but have been lucky and have recovered mostly.

    All the best


  • Seta vella says:

    As soon as I saw your story on tv , I started to pray for you !
    I am a dancer myself and I can’t imagine what it would be like to listen to what you love and not being able to take part in dancing because your body is unable. I am here to tell you that the one who created you also is the one who will know your pain. Jesus is my saviour as I know He can be yours. I have seen a lot of miracles, deaf ears hear, chronic pains leave, even crippled people walk. I AM BELIEVING for a mighty touch of heaven for you Leo. ‘ALL things are possible for those who believe’.with God all things are possible. Jehovah rapha God is our healer. Read the scriptures in the bible where people got healed, it will encourage you do much and remember your creator. All things are possible!!!
    God Bless You Leo.
    You are in my prayers, I will be crying out for you.
    Your sister.

  • robert says:

    Don’t give up mate.

    Your still young and i’m positive that at some point in the future your be back on your feet.

  • Kelli says:

    Hi Leo,

    How amazing you have progressed. Stay possitive and remember GOD carries us through our hardest times. Trust in God, and also in yourself. Good things will come. Praying for you Leo.

    All the best. Miracles happen every day! xx

  • Patrick and Kristine says:

    The tragedy you have suffered has touched everyone who has seen what happened. When that type of connection is made between people, miracles happen. Draw strength from the knowledge that you will not be alone through the difficult times ahead….. the thoughts and love of many will be there beside you.
    Take care

    Patrick and Kristine

  • Tamarah says:

    Thinking of you. Best wishes for your recovery.

    Tamarah xo

  • Robert says:

    Saw tonight’s episode of Bondi Rescue and was touched by Leandro’s misfortune.

    Stay strong, brave and positive!

    Wishing lots of strength to you. your family and friends.

    Take care.

  • Monique says:

    Such a shocking tragedy. It is a massive wake up call, to know that every second counts. I’m really sorry for someone with such talent and life to have their life turned upside down, i wish great hope for every waking moment to Leandro’s recovery. I’m really positive that he will pull through just stay strong and believe in the hope.
    All the best!

    Monique. xxx

  • Meredith Coram says:

    Its moments like these, as a mother, when I am touched and moved at such an event and the ramifications of one wrong move. My 9 year old son, has learnt tonight from your story, and was so deeply upset that he went straight into his room, crying and got all the pocket money that he has been saving for a toy, and has asked me to donate it all to your appeal. It may not be much, but it is donated with the sincerest of hope and as a demonstration of true australian spirit of kindness.

    I can only wish you the best outcome, and to stay strong, as miracles do indeed happen every day and our bodies limits are only a measure of the limitations of the human mind and its determination to achieve the unachievable.

    All our love leandro, stay strong from the Coram Family, Perth Western Australia

    • DanielValentine says:

      That is remarkable and what a great spirit your child has… God bless him

      • Dear Meredith. Thank you for this wonderful message. We share your sentiments and believe that the human spirit is capable of miraculous deeds. Your son has a huge heart and will be blessed. Much love to you all.

  • megan cawley and Jye cawley-Silva says:

    os nossos pensamentos e orações estão com Barata(Leão) e o dele familiar. Enviante os nossos resultados positivos pensamentos para você.estadia com força. Desejando a todos os melhores e uma rápida recuperação. muitos beija e lotes de amor e Megan and Jye.
    our thoughts and prayers are with Barata(Leo) and his family.
    Sending our positive thoughts to you.Stay Strong.
    Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.
    many kisses and lots of love
    Megan and Jye

  • Lesanta' Oakes says:

    Hey Leandro

    My immediate response was to pray for you because I just could not accept the fact that a young well built person as yourself would be robbed of your mobility.

    I will continue to pray for your speedy recovery and I will also make a genuine attempt to donate to your appeal as I believe that it is the treatment that you receive that will enable your mobility.

    Stay strong and continue to believe that miracles do happen and that it can happen for you. Know in your heart that God was with you at the time of your accident and he will continue to be with you through all that you have to endure.

    I can only imagine the heartache you, your family and friends are feeling and I pray for piece to come over you.

    I am forever hopeful that you will be able to walk again because you deserve to.

    I am so deeply moved by this tragedy I just want to be able to say that everything will be alright but who am I to say. I leave you at the mercy of the Father and pray that he sees you through.

    I hope that I will be able to get feedback on your progress as I will always be concerned to know how you doing?

    I can tell that you will have wonderful people standing by you every step of the way.

    Keep your head up and stay as strong as you look, lol!

    Will keep praying.


  • JJ says:

    Hello Barata
    I hope someone is reading you all these beautiful messages and that they are helping you to stay positive. I was so shocked to be viewing the episode tonight, it has had such an impact for me to write this message and donate to your family. I am a single mother with not much money, but if everyone sends whatever they can afford, then you will have alot and hopefully return to be with your family and all your friends as soon as possible.
    I still believe there is a miracle in your story that is yet to be told…
    I truly look foward to hearing about you dancing again!

  • Melissa says:

    When I was a young girl of 3yo, I watched my father go thru the same kind of thing.. a day in the sun, out with family, we were swimming at a local river and he dived in, only a moment, and he became a C5 quad. Last nights show touched me as I shed a tear for the journey Leandro has ahead of himself. My dad was 25 at the time. He’s now 56 against all the odds, I think that they gave him approximately 10 years post accident as a mortality rate in those days. He works as a computer programmer in a business that helps people with challenges regain independance etc.. It looks like there is alot of family support and that will be crucial in recovery… my heart goes out to you all xx be strong

  • Marielle Braz says:

    Assisti Bondi rescue ontem a noite, eu e meu marido ficamos extremamente comovidos com a sua historia. Deus o abencoe, continue positivo, estamos rezando pra voce melhorar.

  • Revelyn de la Croix says:

    I saw this on Bondi Rescue the TV show. Thoughts and prayers are with Leandro.


  • Tess says:

    I was very much saddened after seeing last night’s episode of Bondi Rescue. Like everyone else watching I was hoping Leandro’s condition was temporary and that he would just require some rehabilitation. Hearing that he was a Brazilian dancer has made me appreciate so many things in life and how much dancing means to me. Being a lover of most latin styles (especially forro) I really felt for him. You are an incredibly strong human being Leandro and your spirit will continue to soar – keep your faith as God is with you always. I will think about you when I dance and I hope we continue to hear updates of your progress. God Bles You XXX

  • kate says:

    You can do it Leo. Stay strong in your mind and don’t give up.
    My thoughts are with you x

  • sophia says:

    I couldn’t help but cry when i watched last nights episode of bondi rescue. What a horrible thing to go through on a holiday! My thoughts and prayors are with Leandro and his family and friends!
    There has to be a miricle at the end of the line, i believe someone who seems as strong willed and positive deserves to do what they love! My son is 3 dances and adores it, i hope to hear of Barata being able to do the same.. one day very soon!
    RNS are great my mother works there but i hope he can go home soon!
    god bless you!

  • Daniela says:

    Hi Barata, I watched you on the Bondi Rescue show last night and my thoughts are with you and your family. I am sorry this happened to you on your holiday to Australia. Your friends look like wonderful people and I am sure they are looking after you. As soon as I saw you on tv I knew you had to be a capoeirista!! I used to do capoeira and am now dancing Samba here in Brisbane. I love Brazil and it’s culture and its people. You seem like a wonderful warm human being and I wish you all the best xoxoxo Daniela

  • Yana says:


    We were so moved by the story last night on TV, you touched my heart and I dreamt of you last night, it was the future and you were strong and positive in your rehabilitation process. Your spirit is strong. So never give up, you have the power of breath, let it lead you on your journey. Australia is praying for you now and every day xxx

  • gabrielle says:

    My 13 year old daughter and I watched the Episode last night. Growing up in Newcastle, I am well aware of Blue Bottle stings, in those days my father would rub wet sand into the stiing area.. no wonder that caused more tears. Then we watched the story on Leo, and our hearts broke, we both cried, and couldnt believe that it was only temporary and he woudl get up and walk away. perhaps the most poignant moment for me, was when his friends went back to visit the lifeguards, to relay the situation, and his female friend stated how we all take things for granted, when she used the example of scratching her eye, this was such a small statement, but a big impact.
    I cant imagine the sadness and emotion that his friends and family are experiencing now. Especially as he is far from home.
    Out prayers are with you.

  • max says:

    I watched the episode last night and was so saddened to see this healthy young man’s life paralysed in a terrible accident. I want to assure you of my prayers and hope that you will learn to overcome this adversity. Know that we are thinking of you and will do my best to help you.

  • Erin Murray says:

    I often watch Bondi Rescue for the colourful characters of the lifeguards but last nights episode left me in tears. My thoughts are with Barata and his family who wait back home for him. I cannot imagine being so far away from those you love and dealing with the daily struggles of someone in his condition. I have faith that Barata will continue to have such a positive impact through his life and if anything I thank you for reminding me how short it is. The best of luck and wishes are with you and your recovery on behalf of all Australians.

  • Wild says:

    All the best mate. Thoughts and best wishes with you all the way till you walk again. Cheers

  • michael says:

    You ARE going to dance again. Sooner than you think. Look forward to when that moment happens.

  • Ashlee says:

    Dear Leo

    I was so so saddened and moved by your accident on Bondi Rescue. You have a beautiful soul. You are your family are in my prayers. I truly wish you a full recovery. Darling, please do not stop having faith.

    Ashlee xo

  • Faz says:

    Your story was the most upsetting thing I have ever seen.

    It broke my heart to see your life changed in an instant and humbled me too.

    You will be in my thoughts and prays.

    I cant wait to hear about your amazing recovery! Stay strong and above all positive.


  • SSSSSuuueee says:

    I was really moved Leandro’s accident last nite. My prayers and thoughts are with you mate.

  • Helen says:

    You are in our thoughts & prayers. xx

  • Cecilia says:

    I can’t stop thinking about you Leandro, since watching Bondi Rescue last night. I hope you will soon be near your loved ones in Brazil, but Australians will always keep you in their hearts and be hoping for a good recovery for you.

  • Helen says:

    Our thoughts are with you during this time. May you keep up the courage & the strength that you showed at the time of your accident. Here’s hoping you are close to getting back to your family but you will always be in our hearts. X x

  • Rana says:

    God Bless Leandro, I also believe in Miracles.. I hope my small contribution to your appeal can help you get home and get the care and support you need to overcome this tragic accident

  • Veronica says:

    HI Leandro
    My name is Veronica i am nine years old.
    You look like you are a very nice man and friend.
    I hope that you will get better and i will keep you in my prayers

  • Dominic says:

    Hey Dude ,
    keep strong do not lose faith !

  • Kelly says:

    My dearest Leandro

    Miracles happen. Your beautiful soul shone through on Bondi Rescue. You showed incredible strength and humility – even in such a hard moment. Keep your faith in God, and your family’s love. God and family bring peace, strength and reason to everything in our lives.

    Keep believing, you can do it.

    All my love

  • Vera says:

    I am so, so sorry for your accident on Bondi, Leo!
    I really hope you will recover fully and one day; get back to dancing.

    My prayers are with you!

    With Love,

  • Bella says:

    Was so moved when I saw you on Bondi Rescue..
    Wishing you all the very best..may you be the 1% that defies the odds and dances once again.

  • Robyn says:

    Dearest Leandro
    I have been profoundly moved by you. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, everyone is sending you positive and healing energy. We are visualising a full and complete recovery, you are an amazing being

  • Deborah McDonald says:


    My daughter Jade and I watched you last night on TV and I started to pray for you straight away. Jade is also going to include you in her prayers. We hope you will start to feel your arms and legs again soon. We hope you get home to your family soon. God Bless – Love Deborah and Jade

  • Dan says:

    Life does not make sense at times.. I hope my small donation can help in some way. Be strong and believe in the strength of human nature to live a quality life no matter what adversity.

  • Billy says:

    All my love and wishes to you, Leo. I had a friend in a similiar situation. He could not move for months after his accident and the doctors said he’d never move again. But he has regained a lot of movement and can even WALK now with assistance. Hopefully his story inspires you. Check out his journey at http://www.puffinmagic.org.au

  • Judy says:

    Hi Leo,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep positive and stay strong!
    You are surrounded by amazing family and friends who will help you push through..
    I look forward to hearing about you dance again one day! xx

  • ceeb says:

    sending good & positive energy to you Barata. stay strong and you will overcome all.
    you have soooo many friends who love you. we all send you good energy & best wishes

  • Elise says:

    I am so sorry about this tragic accident. My thoughts are with you all at this difficult time but please do not lose hope. There is definitely something special and amazing about Leo, anyone can see that just by looking at his pictures. There is no doubt in my mind that he will recover. Good luck with your recovery and know that so many all around the world are thinking of you and sending you their positive energy :)

  • We cannot thank everyone enough for the heartfelt messages, prayers and well wishes for our beloved friend Leandro. The support and genuine sentiment is overwhelming. Love, light and blessings to you all.

  • Trish says:

    Sending love and healing to you Leo….keep strong mate! Australia has taken you to its heart – and its a big heart. all the very best to you in your recovery….x

  • Sandra says:

    Dear Leandro

    If you believe it enough, you can make it so. There is a great small book by Neville Goddard called “Feeling is the Secret” that may help you in your recovery.

    You have such a strong spirit that you have already overcome obstacles. Don’t let anything stop you now.

    My heart is with you.

    Love Sandra (a stranger in the physical but a friend in spirit)

  • Julie says:

    Dear Leandro,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your accident – stay strong and positive.

    All the very best with your recovery. Please continue to update us with your progress,


  • Pip says:

    I watched the episode of Bondi Rescue this week and was deeply moved by the events and the outcome. I too am a patient at RNSH and struggle with ongoing problems with cancer and my hope for you is that you can be surrounded by the people who know you best and love you most as you fight because it times of darkness they will find you and pull you through it.

    At times it will seem like a mountain too high to climb but if you just keep breathing and believing you will find a way. My advice would be do and try everything from nutrition (Thrive diet helps with connective tissue healing) to physiotherapy, to more traditional ancient healing methods.

    Try not to shut yourself away from everyone. We all saw a beautiful soul in pain on the show and I hope that people will continue to send you financial aid and well wishes not just now but in the months to come.

    May you have a miraculous recovery and one day return safely to Australia to show us how well you have done. Good luck.

  • Gabe says:

    I have always believed ” do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. I hope my donation helps in your fight to get well again. Good luck and God bless.

  • Terri says:

    Please keep us posted on Leo’s progress… and tell him there is a lot of concern and support for him…

    • greer says:

      Hi Terri,

      We certainly will. The beautiful messages coming through & many donations is quite overwhelming. We will post some news soon about the fundraising and about Leandro’s health & plans to return to Brazil.

      Best wishes

  • Evelyn Villa says:

    El saldra adelante…estamos seguros…tiene una tremenda cadena de amor a sus espaldas…su familia, su novia, sus amigos…el podra tener mas y mas avances…su gente que lo espera en Brazil le entregara energias renovables.
    Dios lo protege y felices estamos de los avances que el ha tenido… PACIENCIA, FE Y ESPERANZA AMIGO!.

    He’ll be right… we are sure…he has a huge chain of love behind: his family, his girlfriend, his friends… he had, has and he’ll big advances…his peolple is waiting in Brazil…(Salvador) and so then would be renovate his energies :)
    PATIENTE, FAITH AND HOPE!!! My big Hugs my friend.
    Evelyn (Chile)

  • Vanessa says:

    I have been deeply touched by Leandro’s story and could not sleep after viewing the episode. My daughters and I cried as we heard the news that Leandro was a quadraplegic. After the epidose aired we immediatley went to the bondi rescue website to make a donation – however couldn’t get onto the site due to the traffic – so I hope this means that lots of donations have been received.
    A donation has been made on behalf of myself and my family and I have told everyone I know of Leandros plight in the hope they will also donate. Many people have said that they can’t afford to donate anything – but even $1 will help. Imagine if everyone donated just $1…………..there are great treatments out there to help restore movement in the arms and legs – however they are costly and without fundraising, most probably unaffordable.
    I hope everyone reading this will post something on their facebook page and tell everyone they know in the hopes of assisting this wonderful, spiritual dancing man.

    You are dancing in my heart Leandro and I wish all the very best
    Vanessa xo

  • Mel says:

    Anyone who has sought out this page in the hope of news on Leandro’s progress will have been truly saddened by his tragic accident, as have my family and I. We implore you all to also make a donation, no matter how small, and ask your family and friends to do the same if they can.

    Join in the Australian spirit of love and kindness and generousity everyone, a truly deserving man needs our help.

    You are in our thoughts every day Leandro xoxo

  • Tom says:

    Really thinking of you mate! I wish you all the very best for the future and hope you keep up the positive energy that you so obviously have!

  • sandi says:

    So many words and wishes have already been given, I feel at a bit of a loss in knowing what else to say, except that I was so affected and touched by the episode of Bondi Rescue I had to add a little more and send good wishes to Leandro. It feels like we as humans have hardly tapped into the incredible depths and strength of our spirit and the amazing capacity the body has to heal – that continually amazes those medical minds.

    I do hope and pray that Leandro truly astonishes his doctors and that all the positive energy and wishes can feed and nurture him in a magical and healing way.

    much love, Sandi

  • Sev says:

    Since the show aired on Sunday I have not gone one day without thinking about Leandro. I have been praying to Saint Michael the Archangel each night to give him strength, courage, determination & support to overcome this.

    I truly believe that he will walk again. I look forward to the next update.

    x Sev

  • Beau says:

    You are in my thoughts Leandro. Seeing your accident on Bondi Rescue was very sad and I keep thinking about what you must be going through. You look like a very happy and positive guy from checking out your website – I hope you remain positive about your future. Any updates on your progress would be great to see on this site too.

  • Michelle says:

    I saw the episode on Sunday night and have been thinking of you all week. Stay strong, you are a beautiful young man with an amazing smile. There may be hard times ahead but I believe you will be strong enough to get through them. It sounds like you are surrounded by lots of loving people and this will help you through. You will be in my prayers. Ibelieve in miracles. Stay positive keep smiling that beautiful smile leandro. I will keep watching for updates. One day at a time.
    Michelle xx

  • Stephanie says:

    I literally cried when I saw this on tv the other night. Being a dancer myself I cannot begin to imagine what Leandro must be going through and feeling. I know that if it were me in that situation I would just give up. 1% is a small number but he’s beaten the odds once and I feel that with all the support he will do it again.
    I wish I could give you all the money in the world to help but I can’t, what I can give you is my best wishes and prays and be yet another person that believes that he can beat the odds and overcome this tragity as best he can.

    Lots of love,

  • Julianne says:

    I have not been able to get this episode out of Bondi Rescue my head since I saw it and have been thinking of you and your family every day.

    What a wonderful time it will be when spinal research provides the means to repair damaged spines. That dream appears to be getting closer.

    Best wishes Leandro for your recovery. Your strength and fitness surely will help you walk and dance again. xxx

  • Anna D says:

    I have just seen Bondi Rescue on Youtube, and was shocked and saddened by Leandro’s accident. I have 2 sons not far off of his age and can’t image the pain his friends & family are going through. He had such a future in front of him, it’s such a tragedy. I send you love and positive thoughts all the way from the UK. You will all be in my prayers tonight.

    Anna x

  • Emma says:

    I’ve just watched Bondi rescue on YouTube with my younger cousins and now they know how dangerous the beach can be, we have given up sweets for lent and the money that we are saving from buying them we are going to donate it to Leandro. Good luck with your recovery
    Love Emma, Melissa, Jade and Liam x

  • Jillian Lewis says:

    We are thinking of you during this tough time. Please know the whole world is behind you and there is still a lot of life to be lived. We have donated to your account and hope that every little bit helps. x

  • You have the whole of Australia behind you brave Leo!

  • Kirstie says:

    I was blown away by your story leo. The strength you must have is incredible and I can only think of you in awe. I was sat here in London watching my fav programme and I saw your tragic story and had to find out how you were doing. They say miracles do happen and I truley believe in that, a small number of people In the world are put in to situations that are awful and turn out to be true miracles and you should always have faith not just in a god but in yourself. Please keep your spirit and I hope my prayers help you. I am here should you ever want to hear the Brit babble on.

  • Tina Anderson says:

    Dear Barata (Leo). Strong Bull. Since seeing the episode on TV about your accident, I have been thinking of you and sending you love and light. May you get your feeling back in your arms and legs. There is much strength coming your way from Australia and around the world. Keep your journey alive! Metta Tina.

  • Hi Leo. My name is Khiana and I am 13 years old and I saw you in that situation and I wish that your recovery goes preety well in next 2 weeks. And I will make sure that my whole family prays for you. good luck and have a nice day. Also the reason why I watch Bondi Rescue because it shows me that that might be one of the first places that I would want to work at. And of course maybe even see at the hospital. Y’all better treat him like an angel. Thanks for the encouragement. If I do not make as being a lifeguard. I will then become a gynecologist. Bye and well lifeguards good job saving his life from that tragic situation.

  • Tom C says:

    Hi Leo. My name is Tom I have recently watched the bondi rescue episode when it showed your injury. All I can say is keep believing bro! You have my support and I’m sure everyone else’s who have seen the show. Keep your head up, remain strong, keep smiling and believing! Praying for you mate! Would love to be a le to get an update on your condition as the UK are quite far behind on this show so that would be great! Best wishes mate, Tom C

  • david says:

    stay strong leo.